Effective advocacy in the State Capitol requires one to have the ability to build and maintain relationships with those in the body you seek to influence, without falling into partisan traps . . .
It requires an individual who is smart, prepared, articulate and well-reasoned, with an appreciation and understanding of the legislative process.  It also requires someone who possesses a nonpartisan sensibility and appreciation for all the members.  Rick is one such person.  I strongly recommend Rick as a Capitol Advocate for your interests.  With his experience as a former legislator and litigator, a 21 year member of the Bar and one well-cennected and respected on both sides of the aisle, Rick is ideally suited for such a position.”  
Darrekk Steinberg
Former California State Senate President Pro Tem – Senator Darrell Steinberg
Right after I was elected to the California State Assembly, I had the occasion to become colleagues and then close friends and roommates with Rick Keene . . . Helping to find solutions and building bridges when it looks impossible is where my friend functions at his best.  I believe he has a rare talent at problem solving and bringing others along . . . I highly respect and recommend him.” 
Kevin McCarthy
U.S. Congressional Majority Leader – Congressman Kevin McCarthy
As you take your group into the next level and into the future, I can confirm that from personal experience, one of your choices has the whole package of skills needed to do your job exceedingly well, Rick Keene.  In my view, you need someone who is politically savvy, one who is well respected by his (former) peers on both sides of the aisle and on all sides of the issues and who would be knowledgeable with both the issues encompassed by your concerns and of the efforts you engage in. . . . Rick has shown time after time the ability to put together these coalitions to accomplish very complex and diverse goals and never burn bridges with anyone in the process.  This is a remarkable skill, and one that is rare in the legislative body . . . This made him very effective in an otherwise very partisan environment and gained him broad respect on both sides of the aisle.”
Juan Vargas
U.S. Congressman – Juan Vargas
” . . . it’s my pleasure to write a letter recommending not only his professional capabilities but his personal integrity. . . I deeply respected his willingness and determination to find solutions to the issues that were confronting Californians . . . This admirable ethic played out every day in the legislature: he was known for being a tough negotiator with (a) deep knowledge of the issues and an affable demeanor.  The Third Assembly District was lucky to have him as a leader, as would any other organization or business.” 
Fabian Nunez
Former Speaker of the California State Assembly – Fabian Nunez
” Assemblymember Keene was consistently well prepared and educated on the complex issues and he brought a thoughtful approach to analyzing the multi-faceted tasks undertaken by that committee.  He played a pivotal role in improving the debate and discussions and positively influenced the outcome of the proposed legislation or policy.  In addition, his ability to communicate to all sides and interests and to effectively negotiate within the committee is one of his strengths. . . . I am confident that he will carry out any new enterprise with the same level of enthusiasm, competency and across-the-aisle collaboration he used to be an effective and respected legislator by both sides.  He possesses valuable skills and experience, is a pleasure to work with, and would be an asset in any position.”
michael peevy2
Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission – Michael Peevey